10 Things You Didn’t Want to Hear About Fat Loss

Everyone tries to sell you the ‘one secret trick’ to weight loss. Everyone tells you how simple it can be, how you just need to ‘buy their thing’ and it will be effortless.

They are lying to you.

So rather than jump on their bandwagon, I wanna give it to you straight.

You might not like what I have to say, but it comes from a place of love ❤️

Buckle up buttercup….I’m going in…

1. WEIGHT loss is NOT FAT loss.

2. The number one reason you ‘aren’t losing fat’ in a calorie deficit is impatience – pick a way of eating that you can sustain LONG TERM to see results, or keep going round the restriction-binge-guilt cycle in perpetuity.

3. Although fat loss is only possible through calorie deficit (if you don’t believe this then fight me), it’s not a straightforward exchange.

Your body doesn’t wait til Monday morning, calculate that you were in a 7700 calorie deficit last week and then give you the requisite 1kg fat loss on the scale – if that happened my job would be way easier 💁🏼‍♀️

4. If you don’t have healthy gut microbiome you will be hungrier, making fat loss more difficult – you might wanna sort that shit out (literally 💩) FIRST.

5. If you don’t sleep properly you’ll be hungrier & make poor decisions around food & exercise (also, sort this out first otherwise you’re just making things harder for yourself)

6. NO ONE can predict your rate of fat loss or when and where you will lose fat from or how much fat you can lose in x weeks – fat is lost through a series of complicated metabolic pathways and there are many confounding variables that affect this.

7. For every kilo of fat you lose you get around 100 calories hungrier so it’s your choice….

Pick mostly nutrient dense (but not calorie dense) foods that fill you up or eat 1200 calories of Pop Tarts & make things fucking hard for yourself.

8. Cardio doesn’t ‘torch fat’ and it has a greater impact on your appetite than walking – kill yourself on the treadmill, get REALLY fucking hungry, and then ‘reward’ yourself with a bag of chips on the way home? You’re better off going for a stroll.

9. If you lose fat past the point that your body is comfortable with it will be a bitch to maintain & either your life will be miserable OR you will gain it back

10. Denying yourself foods you enjoy isn’t being ‘good’, it’s fucking things up for future you. Restricting foods is a one-way ticket to disordered eating.




ANYONE that claims to circumvent or ‘cure’ any of these issues is a fuckwit at best, or a shady scammer at worst.

Avoid them at all costs.
If you want to know how to make fat loss the BYPRODUCT and not the END PRODUCT of a healthy life, then discover how you can work with me here.


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