This is an EPIC episode where I chat to my favourite Canadian, Kristen Ingraham Morgan.

Passionate coach, owner of LN CrossFit in Lincoln, previous Food Ninja client, founder of the Strong Girls Squad and wearer of many fitness-related hats.

We cover her journey to better balance, and therefore better health, the dangers of ‘popular’ nutrition programmes in the fitness industry, and why ethical coaching, with the person’s whole health as the main consideration, should be the ONLY choice.

We also find out how a conversation with one of her members made Kristen go full Liam Neesom and set up the Strong Girl Squad, to help the next generation of girls to define and create their own version of healthy.

You can find out more about the Strong Girl Squad here, and you can follow LN CrossFit here.

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Hello, and welcome to the next episode of the Rude Health Podcast. With Me Hayley food ninja. I'm just going to get straight into this one because this is going to be an absolutely fucking awesome episode, even if I do say so myself, because I have got one of my favourite people to talk to because she always has something super interesting to say. Oh, God.


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