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Ninja Highlights...

🍎 Improved relationship with food
🧘🏼‍♀️ Better stress management techniques
🤓 Loads of knowledge to achieve true health autonomy
🥾 A love of walking

How many coaches post testimonials from clients they haven’t coached for more than 2 years?

Today I want to share Catherine’s story.

Catherine had her last coaching call in 2019, but has remained in our community since then (ninja4life).

She was an absolute joy to work with & one of the nicest people I’ve ever met…’s not difficult to keep in touch with her ❤️

After her coaching finished, and at the beginning of lockdown, she had an incredibly turbulent time personally, but she clung on to many of the Ninja principles to help her through, and emerges from the situation with the grace and decorum that I’ve come to know her for. ❤️

I’ll let her continue..

“Before I knew Hayley existed, I was a 50 something woman who had been worried about her weight. I didn’t look overweight. I looked fine but I felt awful. I had developed such a complex about food and my clothes were too tight so I knew I had to do something about it. I had lost and gained and lost and gained all through my adult life and I was exhausted by the whole cycle. Utterly exhausted.
Then I became aware of Hayley, she knew people I knew online. I was scared that she might be another person who had “their” diet, “their” list of foods that I had to avoid but my attention was drawn to a post where she was mentioned and this was the moment that I made contact. The post said something along the lines of “…and I had enough calories left to have a packet of revels”.
I thought chocolate? Revels? How come? How does that work on a diet?
I then had the first of many meetings with Hayley. She was so kind and patient and explained that what I had to do was very simple. I suppose she invented “track and trace” before it became a real thing 😁 But what she taught me was SO much more than that.
The reason for mentioning Hayley’s help again now, is because it is over 2 years since I worked with her and what she taught me back then still holds true today. That’s despite a really horrible couple of years. You see my husband left me on the first day of lockdown and her structure has really helped hold me together.
Hayley taught me about sleep and how to get the best sleep. This has been invaluable.
Hayley taught me strategies to manage stress: I didn’t anticipate I would be calling on these so often but they work so they too have been invaluable.
Hayley reinforced in me that exercise was good for my mental health as well as my physical health. I have walked miles and miles over the last two and a half years and after every walk, felt the positivity of being outside and had time to process and think things through. Again, invaluable advice.
I learnt so much about what to eat and when. So when I have had the worst days I no longer eat cake because I just don’t feel brilliant after all that sugar. I learnt to listen to my hunger and how to satiate my hunger – yes, I have my moments but they are few and far between as it just doesn’t feel right anymore to eat randomly and often with cake inbetween. That’s a far off distant memory now.
Hayley showed me how to be kind to myself through food, and this still holds true today.
I feel very fortunate that Hayley taught me all these things and many, many other things besides. When I look back on my time with her, in 2019, I now know that she performed a holistic life audit on me. I called on her to help me with my diet. I came away having had so much positive reinforcement about food, sleep, exercise, mental health, work management and more. The word “diet” was never mentioned.
Over two years on and I’m still following her advice because it’s worked. Thanks to Hayley I really do still feel good about myself. I’m now 55 years old, I am fit and well and still wear the same size clothing I did when my time with Hayley came to an end. I know how to manage my weight, love my food and make the most of my world.
Thank you Hayley.”

Stories like this are why I will always continue to coach this way, despite people telling me that it’s not ‘scaleable’ 🙄

Cos actually it is…I’ve found a way to help even more people using all the Ninja methods that Catherine continues to so successfully apply.

If you want to start the last thing you’ll ever need to do, and continue to see the benefits for YEARS after you’ve stopped… here to start your story.

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