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Ninja Highlights...

⏰ Current time served as a Ninja: 11 months
⚖️ Fat lost so far: 13.7kgs
⬇️ Weekly working hours from 84 to 32
📈 Profits up by 109%

Jess is one of the strongest & most inspiring people I know & I’m super proud of how she’s handled an incredibly difficult year.

She came to me a year ago after a very traumatic event, which along with running a growing business, being Mum to three boys, and dealing with the stress of lockdown, had her reaching for the wine & takeaways on a daily basis, in a bid to deal with the stress. 

She was working every single day, putting herself last on the list of priorities, and her confidence had taken a huge nosedive.

With all the stress she was under, the last thing she needed was to be put in a calorie deficit, adding physiological stress to the mix.

So we started with clearing the decks and giving her time and headspace to implement some healthy habits. 

We looked at WHY she was working so many hours, we looked at business processes, delegation and hiring people to help her. 

You might think this is outside of my remit but with 20 years of project management experience, I had her back. And reducing the immediate stress, making her day more about being PROactive, rather than REactive, we made space for some changes. 

We were about half way through the process when things REALLY started to click for Jess – this is what she had to say:

“I’ve learned that weight loss is so much more than just eating kale. Not that I eat kale, I kinda like pizza more 😉 

It’s being educated. Educated on what you should eat and why, and how that affects your body.

It’s working on, and improving your sleep. 

It’s delegating within your business. 

It’s stress management. 

It’s less work, more pleasure.

It’s walking everyday. 

It’s creating space in your brain. 

It’s dealing with the root cause! 

And most of all, it’s one on one support. 

Has it been easy? NO! It’s been fucking hard at times. 

It’s taken determination, and dedication to get here… and here isn’t even where I want to be. I still have things to do, I still have weight to lose. 

But do you know what, I look at myself and feel good. I’m not fucking horrified by what I see in the mirror or in a photo anymore”

Wow 😲 – and that was just 5 months in. 

She also kept a video diary of part of her journey – you can watch it here to get the lowdown on what the process is really like!

So how is she getting on now? I suppose you want some stats? 

⏰ Current time served as a Ninja: 11 months

⚖️ Fat lost so far: 13.7kgs, or 2 stone 2lb

😴 Average sleep from 7hrs – 8.24hrs

📏 Centimetres lost – 35cm

🚶🏻‍♀️ Average weekly step increased by 89%!

❤️ Resting heart rate from 74bpm to 63bpm

🏋🏼‍♀️ Exercise mins from 30 mins per week to 110!

When I pointed these out to Jess, she also had some stats of her own to add:

⏳ Working hours: from 12hrs days, 7 days a week to 3-4 days of 6-8hrs

📈 Profits up by 109% in her business

As well as a new found love for walking, which she NEVER predicted – her & Chris have even gone full walking wankers with new boots, coats, and all sorts of equipment for the whole family!

I think you’ll agree these are ridiculous stats – and we’re not done yet! 

An important part of Jess’s journey, and one that’s so often overlooked by people wanting to make a change, is the support from her amazing family. 

Her husband Chris has been onboard from Day 1, so much so that he’s also joined the Dojo to make some changes to his health too (all about them gainzzzz 💪🏽😉). 

And her kids have really embraced becoming Ninjas too – early on in the process I enlisted them as Ninja spies, to make sure Mum was logging her food, not using her phone in bed and all sorts of other missions, which they earn Ninja badges for!

When you have the support of the people around you, anything is possible!

Noah checking his Mum has logged her food!

So what does Jess have to say about the process now? 

“Hayley is honestly amazing. 

She has an amazing approach to health. She doesn’t put you on some fad diet, or tell you to starve yourself. 

She teaches you about food, about health, about sleep, about exercise, about how you can reduce your stress levels. 

There’s nothing that’s not covered and you know what the best part is? 


She knows running a business is fucking hard, but everything you do with Hayley shows you how you can look and feel like a badass everyday. 

I no longer feel like a fat fuck, I’m moving more, I’ve got the best energy levels I’ve had in years and I’ve learnt so much about how to be a badass business owner. 

I’ve made changes to my business, to my diet, to my exercise, to my routines – because of this my mental health has benefited massively and so has my waist line AND the profits in my business!

It’s not always been easy.

Imagine going into every single room in your brain and unpacking all those boxes, sorting through them and then chucking away the shit that’s not helping you. Mate, it’s been brutal at times.

Last time I posted a picture of my weight loss, I was over run with DMs of “how did you do it!”. 

Well there is no magic pill, or mystic tea that will get you where you want to be health wise. The only way to do it is through hard work!

If you’re going to lose fat, or gain muscle, do it with someone behind you who really gets it. 

Someone who really gets YOU!! 

Someone, who annoyingly, is ALWAYS backed up by fucking science 

That someone is Hayley”

I love that Jess looks and feels amazing, but the thing I’m most proud of? 

She feels confident enough to tell people how it is about health. 

She feels confident enough to be REAL & to try & educate people who ask her what the ‘secret’ is. 

Jess showed that fat loss is a SIDE EFFECT of adopting new behaviours to foster lifelong whole health. 

She’s showed that TRUE success is when you go after YOUR version of it (it ain’t about that hustle n grind), achieve ACTUAL balance & achieve improvements in EVERY area.

She’s been honest about the hard work & soul searching, about adopting a new mindset & having to deal with some very painful shit to get to this point. 

And it’s taken us a year so far. 

Not a ‘6 week shred’ or a ‘12 week programme’. If you think you get lasting change from those you’re delusional.

My mission, with every single client I work with, is that they will feel knowledgeable and empowered enough about every aspect of their health to NEVER have to pay anyone like me ever again. 

Once we are done – WE ARE DONE

Everyone should have the opportunity to be completely autonomous with their health, and not rely on someone else, especially not some bullshit health gooroo. 

Imagine if we could make all that shit disappear just by taking responsibility for our own health, just like Jess? 💣

That’s why Jess and all my other clients are so successful. 

Cos we do things differently in the Dojo 💁🏼‍♀️ 

I can’t give you a ‘sexy, secret ONE special way to torch fat’ 

But I can promise your life will change forever.

Wanna join? Message me here

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