Llangadfan, UK

Ninja Highlights...

⚖️ 9.4kgs unwanted fat, gone forever
🏋🏼‍♂️ a new found passion for swinging a kettlebell around
❤️ Resting heart rate down 11 points

More burpees and less ‘unholy days’

When I first started working with Jill, I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that her ‘unholy’ weekends were ruining her progress. 

Just to be clear, Jill decided to call days when she drank alcohol ‘unholy’ days……NOT my suggestion 😳

Also her weekend often started on a Wednesday night!

Rather than impose a load of bullshit rules and restrictions on her, we worked with Jill’s social life, made a few tweaks in the week so she could continue to live it up at the weekends

But then something she wasn’t expecting happened……

She started to feel healthier…..she enjoyed feeling good when she woke up in the morning and having shit loads of energy, and ‘by accident’, the wine and takeaways started to lose their appeal – not completely, but Jill started to become more ‘holy’.

Jill runs a farm with her husband Chris (who has also lost around 3 stone, despite not actually working with me, or ever having spoken to me in fact – ninja skills 🥷🏼).

She noticed it was becoming much easier to chase the sheep round the fields and hump bags of sheep food around.

So, with a bit of gentle encouragement, she started doing some workouts……kettlebells, running…..and her personal favourite……burpees

I could make this sound all the more impressive by telling you that Jill has just had a very ‘significant’ big birthday…….but that’s not my info to reveal.

Anyway, kilos, inches and stress lost (9.4kgs of unwanted fat in fact)…..sleep, energy, fitness and health gained, Jill is definitely one of my more surprising transformations!

Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m not one to say personal stuff on social media but I sent these photos to Hayley this morning and I think the results speak for themselves !

I approach a significant birthday fitter, lighter and in much better shape than I have been for 5 years if not more. 

I am now positive that I can stay healthy and strong and I now have the knowledge to make the right choices and know that the wrong choices are not a disaster they just need to be mitigated! My progress has been slow but that’s because of my choices and I understand that now and don’t just give up. 

She really does know her shit and she is always there to support me! Thank you Hayley from the bottom of my shrinking belly, you are a legend lady! Xx”

I’m SUPER PROUD of Jill – trying new things & getting out of her comfort zone.

And my favourite part of this testimonial??

Jill clearly states she’s CHOSEN her own rate of fat loss.

I didn’t give her a target or try and speed her fat loss up so I could get a good ‘before/after’ picture for my socials 🙄

Client centric coaching…..some of the other ‘professionals’ out there should try it 😉

If you want to try it, get in touch here

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