Founder and Managing Director, Pete White Consulting

Ninja Highlights...

⚖️ Over 8kg of unwanted fat gone
🚶🏻‍♂️ Over 1.6 million steps walked in 4 months
🧠 Massive gains in focus, concentration & mood

Proving that you don’t need a perfect time to make changes to your health, Pete rocked up to begin his journey with me just a few weeks before his first baby was due! 

With a potty mouth & twisted sense of humour to rival mine, I knew we’d get on straight away. 

He’d also been stalking me for quite some time….

“I’d been wanting to get into the Dojo for ages now but when me and Hayley first spoke I wasn’t in a position financially to do it. So it was a nice feeling to finally be ‘in’! 

I used to be pretty fit when I was in the military but years of being mentally fucked led to a shitty relationship with food, and I went from under 12 stone of lean-ness to 19 stone of profiteroles and steak bake.”

So after being super fit you’d think Pete would be dreading starting the process all over again.

Well you’d be wrong – he literally went balls out at this process and threw himself into EVERY suggestion I made.

  • Doing a fuck tonne of steps (look how much he enjoyed them in all weathers 🤣)
  • Jogging a little when he got fitter
  • Adding loads of fruit and veggies into his diet

It was all going so well.

But then he got a walking companion. 

A noisy, burpy, insomniac, cute as fuck walking buddy in the shape of little Zack, who was born about halfway through our time together. 

And you’d forgive Pete for letting things go to shit a bit wouldn’t you? 

Did he hell. 

Yes he was sleep deprived, exhausted and trying to adjust to a new role of Dad, as well as trying to support his lovely wife Kelly.

But he still did the best he could.

Steps, fruit, veg, and even working on the hard behavioural shit that needs to be done to get food issues sorted FOR GOOD

In 4 months he managed to:

  • Shed over 8kgs of fat
  • Hugely increase food quality and nutrient intake
  • Increase average daily steps by around 6000
  • Massive improvements in mood, energy & concentration

Oh, and the small matter of winning nearly every monthly Dojo challenge throughout the 4 months 🏆🤣

So what did Pete think of his time in the Dojo?

“Today marks the end of an incredible 4 months of having Hayley as my Food Ninja Sensei.

Her pseudonym is ‘the Food Ninja’ but honestly she helps with so much more than just food.

– We’ve tackled my emotional and stress eating

– I actually understand what I’m putting in my body (easy! 😏) and the impact it has

– I understand my own individual sleep needs and why it’s so vital for every aspect of health

– I now know how to make exercise easy and actually fun (I’ve walked over 1.6 million steps in these 4 months)

And amazingly I’ve actually managed to continue to eat well and lose weight even with a newborn baby with her help.

So far I’ve lost 20 lbs and I’ve got a LOT more to go but honestly?

I’m not really arsed about that because weight loss is only a small part of this.

It’s about living a long, happy, healthy life where I’m able to play with Zack (once he’s old enough) without blowing out my arse after 3 minutes.

Most important is the fact that I don’t need to keep coming back to her for constant sessions because what I’ve learnt isn’t some fad keto, slimming world bullshit quick fix and it’s not something that might work but makes me miserable doing it (trust me, I’ve tried all of them)!

It’s something I can keep up and want to keep up for the rest of my days.

And that’s the magic of what she does and how she does it.

It’s not hard work, it’s sustainable common sense stuff.

Honestly if you’re wanting to get healthier without the bullshit, get in touch because I’m glad as fuck that I did”

I’m super proud of Pete – he had so many reasons to just bale on this process, but his desire to be the best Dad ever for little Zack was stronger.

Being as healthy as fuck so you can give your family the life they deserve? You can’t put a price on that 😉

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