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Ninja Highlights...

⚖️ 12.5kg (2 stone) of banished fat
📏 31.5cms of shrinkage from her measurements
💥 increased energy levels

This is Rachel.

If I had to give her a secret special Ninja name (who doesn’t want one of those), it would be………..

Dark Horse Ninja.😍

Rachel first started working with me in June 2020 and completed a cycle of 12 weeks of 1-2-1 coaching in August, and then came back for a repeat performance a few months later. 

On the surface there wasn’t anything particularly stand-out about Rachel’s situation.

She wasn’t particularly overweight, she didn’t have any unresolved food issues and she loved data and tracking almost as much as me 🤓

On the face of it I kinda wondered why she needed me.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to impart anything particularly impactful or astound her with any of my Ninja knowledge bombs when she didn’t seem to be in desperate need of help.

And then as I got to know her better, I realised it wasn’t that she didn’t have the same struggles and issues as all of us who are trying to stay healthy.

She just didn’t make a big fuss about it (she is Northern after all 😉 )

She just quietly absorbed all the information I gave her, and ACTIONED it, every week with minimal fuss.

At the end of our first 12 weeks, she said she was happy with what she’d learned, and felt confident that she could do it alone. And having seen the way she methodically applied everything I taught her I was also convinced.

Now I know Rachel a little better, I see that this is just the super smart way she does things. She wasn’t actually done with her journey.

She just wanted some time to practice and consolidate what she’d learned to make sure it was just her ‘new normal’.

And once she was sure that’s what had happened, 4 months later she was back for another 12 weeks of learning, application and consolidation, after maintaining her weight perfectly for that whole period of time (Christmas included).

The food was sorted, so now we tackled things like energy levels and sleep routine, which, although required a little more effort, she approached with the same methodical, unflappable approach.

Did it work?


  • 12.5kg (2 stone) of lost fat, 
  • 31.5cms of shrinkage and 
  • 4 dress sizes down says it did!

As well as improved sleep duration and quality, better digestive health, more activity and a lower heart rate – just a few side benefits 😉

Oh, and she’s the lowest weight she’s been since she was 14 years old.💁‍♀️

So what did Rachel think of the process?

“The decision to work with Hayley was a tough one.

I liked what I’d seen of her approach and the great results her clients achieved but would it be worth it for me?

Not ‘would it work’, as I was sure it would, but… As a wife, mother, employee and business owner I was used to putting everything and everyone else first.

I could work with Hayley, but maybe it would be good enough just to spend some time on Google and bootstrap my own approach. I did consider it, but what message was that reinforcing in my head?

I decided to put myself first for once and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I lost the annoying squish, but also lost the perpetual tiredness, and temperamental gut issues that I thought were just a part of me.

The best part was gaining new habits to keep that going for life. Working with Hayley gave me so much back, I can’t recommend it enough!”

So now she really IS done……I’m super proud (and a little sad), that Rachel really doesn’t need me, or anyone else to help her with all the multi-faceted aspects of her health we addressed.

24 weeks of dedicated learning and application and she’s sorted for life – how fucking awesome is that??

Where could you be in 24 weeks? Contact me here to get started

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