Food Ninja Scholarships

Back in March I ran my free Reclaim Your Mojo challenge.  Everyone who participated got some amazing results and it really opened my eyes to what a real need there is right now for people to feel supported. At the end of the challenge I announced I would be awarding one scholarship place….3 months access […]

How to just f*cking start!

Are you finding it hard to pick yourself up (again) after this shit show of the past two years? We all know it’s more important than ever to get healthy, but after our tolerance, resilience & coping mechanisms have been tested to the max it’s difficult to know how or where to begin. Add in […]

Why is change so hard?

And why am I even writing a blog post about this? I’m sure you think I just educate people about nutrition and stuff. And you’d be right. But the main thing I do is help people to change. Although I’m a nutritionist, sleep science coach, stress management coach etc, I don’t really spend a shitload […]