Food Ninja Scholarships

Back in March I ran my free Reclaim Your Mojo challenge.  Everyone who participated got some amazing results and it really opened my eyes to what a real need there is right now for people to feel supported. At the end of the challenge I announced I would be awarding one scholarship place….3 months access […]

If not Slimming World, then what?

You might’ve seen that I caused a bit of a stir over on TikTok recently, talking about how Slimming World is shit 😬 If you didn’t see it, check it out here. The overwhelming comments were about how Slimming World has indeed fucked up many people’s relationship with food, and left them in a worst […]

Are you food obsessed?

I had an interesting chat with one of my clients recently. She’s noticed that since all this virus fuckery kicked off she’s obsessing about food even more. Using it as a reward, a distraction, something to look forward to, an outlet for feeling restricted in other areas such as not being allowed to go where […]

Food Logging – Why Should You Bother?

crop unrecognizable woman writing goals for upcoming year in notepad

Do you ‘eat clean’? 🙄 Smoothie bowls, superfoods and avocado toast all day right? Maybe you’re an avid CrossFitter, 7 WOD’s a week (what’s a rest day), plus interval training and Barbell Club. Or training for a marathon, racking up the miles and ‘fuelling’ yourself with aaalll the carbs because your body ‘needs’ it. So […]

Diets Are Bullshit

sliced avocado fruit and green vegetable on white chopping board

Do you think you’re shit at dieting? We’ve all been through the cycle – got on the bandwagon with the latest diet fad or joined a slimming club.  We follow the rules and restrictions religiously for two or three weeks and start to see some results.  We are winning at life – everything’s going well! […]