I lost my mojo (and 7 ways I’m getting it back)

I’ve lost my health mojo. There, I’ve said it. The very thing a ‘fitpro’ isn’t supposed to say. I mean we’re supposed to be perfect aren’t we? Eating macroperfect meals out of Tupperware, gyming everyday, wearing blue light blocking glasses, swigging gallons of water & posting belfies 🙄 But we fuck up too. We’re not […]

Why is change so hard?

And why am I even writing a blog post about this? I’m sure you think I just educate people about nutrition and stuff. And you’d be right. But the main thing I do is help people to change. Although I’m a nutritionist, sleep science coach, stress management coach etc, I don’t really spend a shitload […]

Taming your Pocket Pest

If I told you that there was something in you life that caused you a huge amount of stress every day, would you want to deal with it? What if I told you that it makes you feel shit about yourself by presenting impossible ideals to live up to, wastes hours of your time a […]

Are you food obsessed?

I had an interesting chat with one of my clients recently. She’s noticed that since all this virus fuckery kicked off she’s obsessing about food even more. Using it as a reward, a distraction, something to look forward to, an outlet for feeling restricted in other areas such as not being allowed to go where […]

Do You Need A Break From Your Brain?

sportive woman with bicycle resting on countryside road in sunlight

I know I do sometimes 🤯  It’s easy to find something to be stressed about these days – stress caused by work, health, relationships, or a combination of all of them.  At least those things SEEM to be the cause.  But are they REALLY the root cause, or is there something else going on here?   […]

7 Ways to stay healthy while working

woman sitting on brown wooden chair beside coconut

Back in 2013 I was working in an office, managing IT Projects. I found it pretty stressful. I was working long hours, eating in the canteen, then going home and thinking about work all evening. Worry-free sleep was a luxury. I decided I wanted to take back control of my declining health before it got […]

What is ‘self-love’?

you are worthy of love signage on brown wooden post taken

Some confessions. My name is Hayley and I am a Health Strategist. But I don’t use activated charcoal, green tea powder, drink chaga mushroom lattes and I hate the term ‘superfoods’.  I hate fish (one of the ‘healthiest’ foods out there). I sometimes use sauce from a jar because sometimes I’m fucking lazy.   I don’t […]

Food Logging – Why Should You Bother?

crop unrecognizable woman writing goals for upcoming year in notepad

Do you ‘eat clean’? 🙄 Smoothie bowls, superfoods and avocado toast all day right? Maybe you’re an avid CrossFitter, 7 WOD’s a week (what’s a rest day), plus interval training and Barbell Club. Or training for a marathon, racking up the miles and ‘fuelling’ yourself with aaalll the carbs because your body ‘needs’ it. So […]

Diets Are Bullshit

sliced avocado fruit and green vegetable on white chopping board

Do you think you’re shit at dieting? We’ve all been through the cycle – got on the bandwagon with the latest diet fad or joined a slimming club.  We follow the rules and restrictions religiously for two or three weeks and start to see some results.  We are winning at life – everything’s going well! […]