If not Slimming World, then what?

You might’ve seen that I caused a bit of a stir over on TikTok recently, talking about how Slimming World is shit 😬

If you didn’t see it, check it out here.

The overwhelming comments were about how Slimming World has indeed fucked up many people’s relationship with food, and left them in a worst state than when they started.

And THAT 👆🏼 is why I’ll continue to spread this message far and wide. You literally won’t shut me up #sorrynotsorry.

When I trained as a nutritionist, we were always told ‘first do no harm’.

Clearly an ethos Slimming World don’t live by!

One of the comments on the video did however make a good point:

“Lots of people really need to have accountability to lose weight and be healthy. There are no ‘calorie deficit’ groups so we have no choice”

Which made me sad.

Because there is an alternative.

Put that fiver back in your pocket, or better still add it to your shopping budget. I’m going to show you a zero cost way of making progress with your health goals, no fucking syns involved.

Set up a Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook group with a bunch of friends who also want to lose weight & get healthy, so you can hold each other accountable, motivate each other, share recipes and arrange walks.

Track your food for 2-4 weeks. Believe me you will learn a hell of a lot more about nutrition than spending 20 fucking years going to a Slimming World class every week. If you want to know how to get started, read this post.

Yes, I also track my food!

Knowledge and awareness about what’s in your food empowers you to make informed choices.

Calling foods ‘syns’ and having a completely nonsensical system for calculating the nutritional values of food leaves you confused and unable to trust your instinct about food.

Weigh yourself every day for 2-4 weeks and take an average of your weight each week to see if it’s trending downward or upward.

Weighing yourself once a week in the circle of shame tells you precisely fuck all about what your weight is actually doing.

If your weight is the same, or trending upward then you can increase your deficit by focusing on protein at every meal and filling your plate with veggies and fruits to feel more satiated, and by getting out for a decent walk every day (get the people in your accountability group to join you).

You can also look in your food diary for higher calorie foods you’re eating and do some swaps

  • Swap oil for 1 cal oil spray
  • Swap regular pasta for chickpea or lentil pasta for more protein
  • Swap regular cheese for Eat Lean cheese
  • Swap desserts for zero fat Greek yoghurt with fruit & honey

Monitor your approach as the calorie deficit is dynamic and will change. Give yourself regular ‘breaks’ from a deficit to stop yourself plateauing.

And that’s it 💁🏼‍♀️

At this point I could tell you about the services I offer, and how I can help you achieve all of this and more.

But I promised you a zero cost way to get started, so I won’t.

Do me a favour though? If you try this out, drop me a comment below & tell me how it’s going.


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