Then let's Reclaim Your Mojo with my 21 day Mission

Calling all lurkers, followers, fans and maybe even the haters 😏

Have you lost your mojo??

The last 3 years have been…

…let’s go with a real fucking understatement and say “tough” 😳

Never feeling settled or able to plan effectively because you never knew what was coming around the next bend.

We all feel like we’ve been pulled from pillar to post. And back again.

Sure, there have been a few wins along the way, but for most of us, it seems like it’s been one step forward and two back.

And right now?

We’re all knackered.

Everything feels like a massive effort and you’re wondering if things will ever be back on track…

It’s as if everything has just gone flat.

But don’t worry, you’re NOT alone, and this is NOT forever…

Because right now…

It’s time to take back control & RECLAIM YOUR MOJO!

If you are:

  • feeling like your physical, mental & emotional health has taken a battering
  • sick of this shit (and your own) and ready to do something different
  • high on caffeine but low on ideas
  • at zero energy to think clearly and make the right decisions
  • struggling to see how to just get fucking started

Then you need the…..

🥷🏼 Food Ninja Reclaim Your Mojo Mission 🥷🏼

WTF is that?

It’s 7 habits over 21 days, some simple low effort actions designed to

  • make you feel that little bit better each day
  • get rid of DIS-tractions so you can gain some traction
  • build a base of good habits that will keep you feeling anchored when everything else goes to shit
  • get forensic on those habits & tweaking them to fit your lifestyle so you can maintain them long after the 21 days

Me & my Ninjas wanna lend you some of our Dojo Mojo.

Just til you find your own…you ready?

P.S: If you don’t wanna scroll to the bottom, the challenge costs just £45.

NOT SURE if it's for you?? Here's what previous challengers have said...

If you’re wondering what Reclaim Your Mojo will look like, here’s what you’ll get:

* Access to training videos for each of the 7 new habits, with tips, tricks and worksheets to help you tailor the habit to your lifestyle

* A live Zoom call with me & your fellow Ninjas every 3 days to ask all your questions and get you unstuck

* Daily accountability to make sure you implement everything you’re learning

* Access to community forums so you can feel part of something that doesn’t need you to be on social media

All done in a supportive community environment that breeds success!

Need more proof it works?

So... Who Is the Food Ninja?

…and why the fuck you should pay attention to anything I’ve got to say?

Let me start by saying this.

I never expected to be a Health Strategist (whatever the fuck that is)

You see, I spent years working in corporate offices as a project manager –  I was good at it, but fuck me was it ever boring?

The boredom, the rules and restrictions, and ultimately the stress had me using some pretty unhealthy coping mechanisms to get myself through the day.

Until I got sick of my own shit & decided I couldn’t carry on like that.

So I started doing CrossFit in an effort to sort myself out. And it turned out I was pretty good at lifting stuff, which was handy.

I became addicted (surprise surprise) to feeling good & also helping other people feel good too.

Being a bit (ok a lot) of a geek, I got right into health and fitness and did all sorts of qualifications to develop my skills further.

I realised that if I combined my project management skills with my new qualifications, I was able to effectively help other people. 

But there was a problem.

A big problem. You see, working as a project manager for massive corporate companies allows you to earn pretty good money.

And starting your own business in the fitness industry? 

Less so.

 A lot less so.

 But then I got the break I needed. Literally. 

 I Broke My Back!!!

Which meant I had no choice but to give up office life and look for other ways to earn a living.

Obviously, CrossFit was off the table as well for quite a long time, but I found I was able to help people with their nutrition from my sickbed, while off my face on morphine. 

And so the Food Ninja was born! 

Over time I realised that health was a whole lot more than what goes in your gob. 

It’s also about other factors such as sleep, stress, behaviours and environment, to name but a few. 

And so I threw myself into learning all about those to equip myself with a full arsenal of evidence-based Ninja weaponry that is now at your disposal (as well as over 7 years experience of helping people just like you be successful with their health).

I’m not your typical ‘nutritionist’.

I’m not a clean eating wanker, but neither am I an ‘If It Fits Your Macros, you can eat doughnuts all day and still lose weight’ type of wanker.

I don’t judge you from my ivory tower filled with macro-perfect Tupperware while posting pics of my abs to the ‘gram.

 I’ve been through the mill with my health and I’m here to meet you wherever you are with yours.

 Let’s get started!

How Much?

“Ok Hayley, so how much is Reclaim Your Mojo then?”

This page is a no bullshit zone, so I’m just gonna jump right in & tell you the price without fannying around.

It costs just £45. 

Or just £2.14 a day, for all the information, support and accountability you need to get your juicy mojo flowing again. 

What have you got to lose?