Why not make it a healthy one?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you weren’t obsessed with food?

  • If you could drive past a McDonalds billboard without immediately wanting a burger?
  • If you could trust yourself to open a multipack and JUST EAT ONE.
  • If you felt like you didn’t need to hide the fact that you just want a fucking doughnut!

Yes I know it’s not easy to work on this shit, believe me.

Especially if: 

  • Food feels like both your friend and your enemy in equal measure
  • You don’t trust yourself to make the right decisions around food anymore
  • You’re constantly judging yourself whenever you reach for the biscuit tin

BUT…imagine if food wasn’t a source of stress anymore.

If it was a source of joy.

If it truly nourished you in every sense – physically AND emotionally.

Shame and guilt don’t have to be the overriding emotions where food is involved.

I’m sure you think I’m describing some kind of Food Nirvana, a nice idea, but completely unreachable for you.

But I can tell you that it’s possible to completely rewire your relationship with food. 

Don’t take my word for it though….listen to Francine:

Before we met, Francine was using food to satisfy some old core beliefs she’d been holding on to for quite some time. 

She didn’t realise that those beliefs that had been super helpful for one period of her life, were now no longer needed for this new phase of life she was entering.

To solve the ‘problem’ she used lots of methods involving rules and restrictions, which were impossible to follow long term.

* Slimming World says you can eat unlimited pasta and potatoes

* Atkins says you can eat unlimited cheese, butter and cream

* All these foods are ‘safe’ in unlimited quantities.

Is it any wonder we’re all so fucking confused and don’t trust ourselves to make the right decisions?? 😳

And that’s exactly where Francine was. 

Confused, pissed off, feeling guilty for what she was/wasn’t eating, and ashamed of eating habits that didn’t ‘conform’ to these rules.

But together we began to chip away the old beliefs, and replace them with some much more helpful affirmations, so she could start making different choices, and for the right reasons.

In her own words, here’s what Francine had to say:

“Emotional eating always gets a bad rap. 

What I’ve found, from working with Hayley, is that it doesn’t need to be demonised, but it also doesn’t need to be the only way to deal with my emotions.

So, when things are feeling tough, when I’m sad or anxious or cross, I have a list of different things that I do to help me feel better,  and yes – eating is on the list.

It used to be the ONLY thing on the list, but Hayley has helped me to find other things too, which means it’s not always my instant go to. 

It doesn’t mean that I don’t find myself face first in the snack box wondering how I got there cause it’s not a quick fix.

But there are definitely times when I’m able to swerve the snack box completely and deal with my emotions in another way.


Maybe you can relate to how Francine was feeling?

You probably have a list of shit that you do around food that makes you feel disgusted with yourself.

I’ve had clients who hide chocolate biscuits in their dressing gown pockets so they can eat them behind a locked bathroom door. 

Or make excuses to ‘pop out to the shops’ so they can sit in their car and eat 5 chocolate bars in one go.

Trouble is, when you do these things in secret, they come with the added burden of ‘shame and guilt’. 

These are the parts of us that we want to remain hidden.

And that’s why we never address the REAL reason for our terrible relationship with food. 

But I want you to know, we ALL have reasons for doing weird shit.

It’s needed, to help us cope.

But we CAN change our ‘weird shit’ to something a little less damaging.

The first step is to bring those feelings out into the open – shame thrives in secret, but together we can shine a light on it, and make it shrink.

If you’re using food to cope with your feelings, I can help you.

Did you know that there is no agreed upon, widely accepted definition of ‘normal eating’?

Everyone has their weird shit with food.

And I’ve seen it all, believe me.

I will stand with you, and help you figure out your weird shit, from a place of zero judgement.



is my brand new 8 week course, covering everything you need to untangle yourself from your shitty relationship with food.

When you join us on this one-of-a-kind coached course, you’ll: 

  • Uncover and challenge all the old beliefs that keep you repeating the same patterns with food over and over
    • Permanently change your mindset and stop self-sabotaging
  • Let go of shame, guilt and judgement about your food choices
    • Tune into your body & know what it needs to feel satisfied
  • Go from feeling powerless around food to empowered to make the right choice every time
    • Find out how your language and mindset around food might be tripping you up
  • Enjoy kick-ass support from other Ninjas all on the same journey
    • Explore and experiment with more helpful coping mechanisms, so it’s not all about food
  • Feel like you’re finally in control, and eating the right stuff, for the right reasons
    • How to bulletproof your mindset around food to make you immune to the shitty messages of the dieting industry

I know all of that might feel a million miles away from where you are right now, but I promise you – change is possible….all you need to do is hit this button


I know that right now you don’t believe that this will work for you.

You spend every waking hour struggling with food.

First it feels like a friend who comforts you, & next like an enemy who pushes you a little too far…

How on earth can you learn to address this when you already spend way to many hours obsessing about it?

And who even wants to delve into the dark corners of their mind to sort it out?

But my bet is, if you’ve arrived here at this page, you KNOW your relationship with food is affecting your physical, mental and emotional health.

And you’re sick of all your food being served with a side order of  guilt, shame, and self-loathing.

You know you need to do something different, but you aren’t sure what.

I can help.

Together we’ll work on:

  • The core beliefs that are holding you back
  • The bullshit that the diet industry and society in general have conditioned you to believe
  • The confusion you feel about “good” and “bad” foods. (Hint, there aren’t any).
  • Being able to trust yourself to make the right decisions for you and your health

And a shitload of other baggage we all carry around that stops us from being who we want to be

Now I’m not gonna promise that we’ll solve all your food issues in 8 weeks. 

I’m not some online fuckwit who’ll take your cash & promise you the earth.

I know you want the shame and discomfort to go away as quickly as possible, and I’ve made it my mission to be as open and honest as I can with people.

So what I can promise you is this:

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have significantly improved your relationship with food, but more importantly, you will have the skills, knowledge and strategies to KEEP improving it yourself.

I know from working with many people like you, that this is the ONLY way to finally feel happy about what you eat, so the sooner you start the better!

If you’re wondering what your 8 Week journey will look like:

* You’ll understand what emotional eating looks like and the biology behind why you do it

* You’ll discover my unique 3-step approach to rewiring how you feel about food

* Access to a weekly video, focusing on a different technique each time, designed to give you practical strategies for behaving differently around food

* We’ll focus on understanding the different types of hunger and how to satisfy them

* We’ll identify YOUR particular triggers and experiment with different coping mechanisms to help you through them

* You’ll examine your language, attitude & beliefs around food, establish where they came from and how to reframe them

* We’ll have a weekly group coaching call to talk through any issues and get you unstuck

* We’ll practice mindful eating and other techniques to help you enjoy your food once more

* Access to an exclusive community forum so you can feel part of something that doesn’t need you to be on social media

* The unrivalled support and accountability of my awesome community, including a way to direct message me for help

All done in a supportive community environment that breeds success!

Need more proof it works?

So... Who Is the Food Ninja?

…and why the fuck you should pay attention to anything I’ve got to say?

I’m a Health Strategist (whatever the fuck that is 😘)

I help people, mostly business owners and entrepreneurs to look, feel and perform at their best by looking at not just their nutrition, but a whole range of lifestyle factors that might need unfucking.

It also means I’m QUALIFIED (that bit is important 😉), to help you with nearly every aspect of your health.

I’m an evidence-based nutritionist.

I’m not a woo woo nutritionist, or a naturopath.

I won’t write you a meal plan based on your aura and energy vibrations.

I won’t ask you to eat only alkaline foods, or follow a blood-type diet, or a lemonade detox.

In fact I won’t ask you to follow ANY type of diet (beware of coaches who do 😬).

I’m not a clean eating wanker, but neither am I an ‘If It Fits Your Macros, you can eat donuts all day and still lose weight’ type of wanker.

I’m a Sleep Science Coach.

It means I can do a bit more than just send you a sleep hygiene checklist.

Like use CBT techniques to examine your beliefs and behaviours around sleep.

I’m a Stress Management & Recovery Coach.

I can help you choose appropriate coping mechanisms and recovery activities for the type of stress you’re experiencing, and help reframe your relationship with stress so it becomes your superpower

Work with me and I’ll make you chill as fuck 😎

I’m a Certified Health Mindset Coach.

I can give you the key to finally unlock all the fucked up shit your brain is doing to prevent you being the healthiest you’ve ever been……show your brain who’s boss 👊🏼

I’m a Habit Mastery Coach

I can delve into WHY you can’t maintain habits long enough to see results, and fix the things that prevent you from being successful, like designing your environment for success.

When I combine that with all the other stuff I do (CBT, NLP, Motivational Interviewing), your old habits, stories and behaviours don’t stand a chance

I could go on – but in short, I address ALL the stuff that other health coaches don’t 💁🏼‍♀️

Efficient and focused, I don’t fuck around doing shit that doesn’t work.

I get the job done, like a proper Ninja 🥷🏼

I NEVER half-arse anything.

You get my full arse, everytime 🍑

I don’t judge you from my ivory tower filled with macro-perfect Tupperware while posting pics of my abs to the ‘gram.

 I’ve been through the mill with my health and I’m here to meet you wherever you are with yours.

 Let’s get started!

How Much?

“Ok Hayley, so how much is it to Rewire My Relationship With Food?”

It’s difficult to put a value on how much Dojo Apprentices should cost to be honest.

Typically, on a page like this I’d list out all the different things you get and put a price against each one.

Then I’d say something like:

“Well that’s a lot of money, why don’t we call it this lower price instead.”

But, as you’ve probably realised, this page is a no bullshit zone.

So instead of making a song and dance about it, here’s the price:

This is the first time I’ve run this course in this format, so the introductory price is £350…this will go up to £495 the next time I run it.

To make sure everyone gets the attention they need, the course is limited to just 12 places. 


If you’re anything like me, you get to this part of the page and you’ve got a few questions.

So I’ve created this handy little FAQ to deal with the most common ones, but, if yours isn’t there, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

“Q. What do I need?”

Not much! Mainly just a laptop, an internet connection and the desire to take action, and you’ll be away. 

“Q. But I’m worried I won’t have time to commit to it.”

I’m not going to say just join up and everything will fix itself.

It won’t.

In order for you to get the most out of the course, you’ll need to put aside a couple of hours a week:

* 30-60 mins to watch the weekly videos

* 60 mins to join the live group coaching calls (these are recorded if you can’t make it)

* the time and headspace to think about your daily food choices

But once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access.

Ultimately, you get out what you put in, and if you’re ready to make a commitment, I’ll make sure you have everything you need to sort this shit out.

“Q. Will I lose weight?”

This is NOT a weight loss course. Obviously paying attention to what and how you eat, developing skills to replace emotional eating, and eating more mindfully MAY mean you eat less, and therefore lose weight. 

But the aim of this experience is to help you improve your relationship with food, first and foremost.

“Q. Will I have to cut out my favourite foods?”

Absolutely not. 

Restriction is a one-way ticket to disordered eating, and the complete opposite of what we’ll be focusing on for 8 weeks

“Q. I’m scared I’ll PUT ON weight if I’m not restricting – how will you help with this?”

Rather than just ‘eat intuitively,’ we’ll be linking your eating behaviours to your goals and values – you’ll start building trust with yourself and making food choices for the RIGHT reasons

So now you have all the answers, the only question is…

…what are you waiting for?

So.....What's Next?

We’re very nearly at the end of this page, so if you’re still here, thank you.

You’re obviously ready to Rewire Your Relationship with Food once and for all, so let’s wrap this up & give you your options..

Option 1 – Close this page down, forget you ever saw it and carry on just as you were before.

Option 2 – Decide that improving your relationship with food is something you want to explore by yourself. You know it will take a lot of time and effort, you’re prepared for the long haul. 

You can absolutely do that.

There are plenty of books to read, and I’m happy to recommend some if that’s what you want to do.

Option 3 – Decide that you want to join us and Rewire Your Relationship with food right now.

Say goodbye to guilt, shame and embarrassment and start enjoying your food again

Only you can decide what’s best for you, but let me say this:

So many people talk about sorting their relationship with food out once and for all. 

But few actually do anything about it.

I know it feels hard. 

You don’t need to know what to do, that’s my job.

You don’t need iron will, motivation or discipline – just bring a willingness to listen & I’ll do the rest.

If you start NOW, you can be free of the never ending feelings of guilt & shame that you try to cover in chocolate wrappers and crisp packets.

In 6 months time you could actually feel good about yourself!

Or you could just revisit this page again in a few months, after you’ve made a few more holes in your belt to fit your feelings under 😒

I promise you, I can help you RIGHT NOW – you just need to walk through the Dojo doors 🥷🏼 😘

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