My N.I.N.J.A Philosophy

Ever wondered why ALL of my clients get such amazing results??

So many fitpros align themselves to one particular process or method. That’s why their results are so hit & miss.

Many times, they don’t even understand the underlying principle as to why that method works. 🤯

What works for one person doesn’t work for another. And when it doesn’t work, they blame the client.

‘They were lazy, they didn’t do the work’.

‘They weren’t truthful, they ‘cheated’ with the food intake’.

The only lazy person in this scenario is the fucking coach.

They don’t have either the skills, knowledge or inclination to pick a method that’s right for the client.

I like to approach each client’s health like a puzzle that we solve together.

Whole health is about not focusing on ONE area (like fat loss) to the detriment of others (mental health).

You have to look at the whole person in front of you and start where they are, with what they have – for some people ‘eat less and move more’ is really fucking hard!

In the past I’ve struggled with defining and describing what I do.

‘Not just a nutritionist’ doesn’t quite cut it 💁🏼‍♀️ (that’s why I gave myself the wanky job title of Health Strategist 😉).

I have a coaching method, belief, mission that I truly believe in.

It gets results and changes people’s lives.

But I’d never really been able to verbalise it, or represent it visually until the branding genius that is G Sabini-Roberts came up with the idea of a team of Ninjas to represent every area of health I help people with, because they are an absolute fucking genius.

I often talk to people about their ‘Ninja Alter Ego’…..the healthiest, most badass version of themselves that they’re trying to become.

It’s how I help them change their identity and squash the fat and unhealthy person in their head FOREVER.

Food Ninja is MY alter ego, and her team of Ninjas are all the things I try to be in varying degrees……we are ALL any and all of these personas at any one time……well, YOUR version of it anyway.

So this is my N.I.N.J.A philosophy, created from evidence-based scientific knowledge and years of education, and over 8 years of experiential knowledge working with hundreds of clients.

It’s why I’m known for getting results.

It’s not luck. It’s not a fluke.

It’s because of these underlying set of principles that guide my practice.

So let’s handover to my Ninjas to explain the philosophy to you

Neural Ninja

Do you ever wish you were more of a badass mentally?

More focused? More productive?

Better at making decisions and resolving conflict?

Do you wish your confidence, self esteem and sense of purpose matched your big ideas?

Neural Ninja can sort your shit out by helping you kick ass with all things mental!

She’s all about helping you improve your mental health, your cognitive ability and mental performance.

She’s not really into feelings and shit, that’s what Joyful Ninja is for.

THINKING rather than FEELING is her thing and logic and reasoning are her strengths…..think more Spock than spiritual.

She’s NOT about hacks to help you access ‘previously locked parts of your brain’ 🙄 because she’s smart and knows better.

What she CAN do is:

* Show you how to eat well (not super special brain foods…there’s no such thing), but focusing on certain elements of your diet WILL improve your brain power.

* Determine a sleep routine (and a waking routine) that works with YOUR particular rest/activity cycle and make sure you process all the cues your environment gives you effectively.

* Take an audit of the things you’re consuming to make sure your brain is getting quality input (people, environment, books, courses etc)….she’s not a fan of vapid social media scrolling and conspiracy theories 🙄

* Encourage you to get stimulated (mentally 😏) by trying new things & getting outside your comfort zone. Don’t be a passive bystander in your own life.

* Help you make the connection between a healthy body and a healthy brain, and make sure the connections IN your brain are on your side.

And a whole bunch of other stuff!

A healthy brain is good for healthy profits. 💁‍♀️

Intelligent Ninja

Getting and staying healthy is confusing……..bullshit internet advice, broscience, MLM’s, Z list celebrities encouraging you to drink coffee that makes you shit yourself and Netflix ‘documentaries’ 🙄

If only there was someone to sail you through that shitstorm and to arm you with all most effective and evidence-based tools and strategies.

Enter Intelligent Ninja.

A little nerd with a thirst (for knowledge 😏), and an insatiable curiosity.

She’s all about upskilling you in THE MOST important area of your life – your health.

As a business owner it’s one of the things you should NEVER consider outsourcing.

Intelligent Ninja will:

* Give you all the health advice and education you need or want, to be completely autonomous with your health

* help you take ownership and responsibility for where you are now, how you got there, and how you can can change your current situation – she doesn’t work with victims

* empower you to make the right choices for your health daily

* show you how to interpret all that sexy data so you can be proactive about your health and head off any issues before they happen

* Teach you critical thinking skills so you decide for yourself what’s bullshit and what isn’t……therefore making you more intelligent than 95% of the internet 💁‍♀️

* encourage you to impart your new knowledge and wisdom so you can help others and grow our army of Ninjas

Shes knows that education, empowerment and autonomy brings confidence and self esteem 💁‍♀️

Also, geekyness and data is sexy 😏

Networking Ninja

Do you wish you felt more comfortable in social situations?

More confident at networking events or doing video for your business?

Do you want to remove the anxiety around eating out without fucking up your progress?

Networking Ninja, the most sociable of the team, is all about healthy relationships….with food, family, friends, and in your business.

She focuses on:

* Helping you reduce stress and be more present in your relationships so you’re a better partner/boss/parent

* Helping you use your Ninja Alter Ego to become the ultimate authentic version of YOU

* Teaching you to seamlessly weave healthy habits into your life, without impacting your social life

* Showing you that putting your health first gives you the confidence to show up and be the face of your business

Basically, to be a business badass, and feel comfortable and confident in any given situation, you just need to follow her advice.

Joyful Ninja

Do you need to get a handle on your emotions?

Stop unhealthy coping mechanisms?

Or just simply chill the fuck out?

Joyful Ninja is here to guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

She’s all about helping you improve your skills around managing and expressing your emotions and raising your EQ.

She’s balanced, good at adapting to change, and has a RAS finely tuned on all the good shit.

If you find it difficult to focus on your wins, or see the opportunities in every situation, she’ll be there with you pointing them out.

The Ninja ray of sunshine can:

* Show you how to manage your emotions around people, situations and food so YOU are in control

* Teach you some science-backed stress relieving techniques 😏

* Help you develop the emotional resilience needed to run your life in these ‘trying’ times 🙄

* Show you how to calm your brain and rationalise negative thoughts

* Equip you with a positive outlook and and the ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings so you can be an effective leader in your work/business/life

If you need to get more Joy in your life, get in touch 😉

Active Ninja

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight?

Suffer from energy slumps which mean you’re not pulling your weight in your business?

Sick of feeling shitty and tired all the time?

Or just sick of your own shit?

Active Ninja is here to give you an ass-kicking (delivered with love)!

She’s all about helping you TAKE ACTION to improve your physical health – not just so you don’t get sick or injured, but so you can perform optimally 😏 in EVERY area of your life.

She’s forthright, direct, and does not accept the bullshit excuses you’ve been telling yourself.

Active Ninja is in it for the long term.

She’s NOT about fad diets, quick fixes and any fucked up methods that damage your physical and mental health.

What she CAN do is:

* Show you how to implement all the knowledge you’ve learned during your journey to Ninja Nirvana so you maintain a healthy weight FOR LIFE……imagine never having to ‘diet’ again 😳

* Help you find a way to be physically active that fits in with your lifestyle

* Understand what foods are right for YOU and YOUR body to keep you moving towards optimal health

* Show you how to listen to your body and stop ignoring the cues it’s giving you on a daily basis

* Give you the confidence to strut your stuff naked 😏

So that’s the whole team!

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated to you that health is not just about food or fat loss….and that I’m not ‘just a nutritionist’ 💁‍♀️

Your and your family deserve the healthiest version of YOU, your health is a measure of success along with all your other achievements.

Are you firing on all cylinders in all the areas we’ve talked about this week?

Are you FIT to live your best life?

If not, you might want to consider working with me.

I’ll take ALL of these principles and tailor them to YOUR unique situation.

It’s kinda what I’m good at 💁‍♀️

And if you’re not quite ready for full Ninja, before diving into your next ‘diet’, why not get my Pre-Diet Handbook mini course, so you can figure out what your stumbling blocks are, and make your next diet your last one?


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