If 1-2-1 isn't for you right now the Dojo might be your new home.

It's my awesome little community of ass kickers and action takers and I'm more than a little bit proud of it.

(*** COMING SOON *** )

You, me & a group of like-minded achievers all working together to…

  • Conquer emotional/boredom eating
  • Kick loneliness and isolation into touch
  • Set up your environment for success
  • Implement some structure and routine, and other stuff important for mental health
  • Show you how to stay active, sexy and flexy
  • Have you sleeping like a baby, (really well, not waking up screaming every half hour cos you’ve shit yourself)

And here’s what you’ll get…

  • Full access to a range of courses and resources on the website to accelerate your progress.
  • Easy to use check-in facility monitoring ALL areas of your journey
  • The eyes of me & my team on your progress DAILY – NO ONE gets left behind
  • Personalised advice and guidance based on your individual progress
  • Get awarded with belts as you rank up on your health journey, just like a real Ninja – can you get your Black Belt?
  • Group coaching calls giving you on the spot answers and advice
  • Access to a range of Guest experts to cover all areas of your wellbeing
All done in a supportive community environment that breeds success!