Welcome to the dojo!

Get access to my awesome little community of ass kickers and action takers, and find all the answers to the puzzle that is your health!

You, me & a group of like-minded achievers all working together to…

  • Level up with your nutrition and conquer emotional eating forever
  • Kick loneliness and isolation into touch
  • Set up your environment for success
  • Implement some structure and routine, and other stuff important for mental health
  • Discover ways to stay active, sexy and flexy
  • Have you sleeping like a baby, (really well, not waking up screaming every half hour cos you’ve shit yourself)

And here’s what you’ll get…

  • Full access to a range of courses, resources, worksheets and webinars to accelerate your progress.
  • The unrivalled support and accountability of my awesome community, including a way to direct message me for help
  • Earn Ninja stars for completing actions that you can exchange for merch or services
  • Get awarded with belts as you rank up on your health journey, just like a real Ninja – can you get your Black Belt?
  • Fortnightly group coaching calls giving you on the spot answers and advice
  • Access to a range of Guest experts to cover all areas of your wellbeing
All done in a supportive community environment that breeds success!