are you fit for business?

Very few business owners talk openly about their health.

The bullshit hustle n grind culture makes us feel ashamed if we’re not part of the 4am Club or working 20 hour days, even if those things leave us feeling burned out.

So I created the Fit For Business Podcast to give business owners a platform to do just that, and to normalise them chatting about their health and the impact their business has on it, both positive and negative.

Join me as I chat to business owners & health experts about their unique health stories and challenges, learn some simple health tips and strategies that work for me & my clients, and understand how you AND your business can thrive together.


Latest Episode

With his usual brand of brutal honesty & zero sugar coating, Dan chats about what it ACTUALLY takes to build a business, how to cultivate


Here are some podcasts we've featured in!

LIFT Fit Podcast
From a self confessed “clean eating wanker” to an evidence based practitioner in nutrition, working with entrepreneurs and business owners, Hayley gives us the lowdown on all things nutrition. This lady really knows her stuff, so check it out, there’s a ton of knowledge 💣 And the odd 🤬... 🤣🤣
Cafe Diem Ibiza
It was great to chat to my friend Michelle, who I met when I lived in Ibiza. We chatted coffee, reminisced about Ibiza and I dropped some knowledge bombs about sustainable fat loss. Grab a coffee and enjoy!
Entrepre Journey, A Chat With Aaron
I first met Aaron at a business event. He was just 17 years old & had saved his own money for the ticket, train & accomodation! So I wasn't surprised when he set up his own podcast, chatting to entrepreneurs about their business journey. Here we cover my life from days in project management, to how I started her business whilst high on morphine to what it's evolved into now.
Hayley Field - Better health, better business.
I chatted to Terry, who as well as being a good friend, is also an ex-client. Terry said 'Hayley is one of the most knowledgeable people I know and doesn’t mind getting straight to the point, including immortal lines like: “…and all that nature shit.” Hayley gives us some excellent advice around eating better, incorporating movement into a job that’s mostly stationary and how we should, and can, make time for our health.
The Furlough Podcast - Episode 66 (part 2)
Part 2 of the podcast
The Furlough Podcast - Episode 66
I have great fun chatting to Chris from the Furlough podcast, broadcast from Birmingham, Alabama. In fact, I talked so much he had to split the episode into two different parts - here they are!